Hunter Warfield Collection Complaints? Hunter Warfield is a debt collection agency. It usually is hired by companies to collect delinquent debt. A debt collector cannot harass you, deceive you, or treat you unfairly. If they do, the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act is there to protect you the consumer.

Are you being harassed or Your Rights Being Violated?

There are a lot of attorneys out there that will try to talk you into saying Hunter Warfield is in fact harassing you. However, this type of scam is often not worth it in the end. Let me give you an example from one of our many readers.

Jane was contacted by the Lemberg Law Firm approximately 2 weeks ago, after shoe posted on social media about getting debt collection calls and mail. She had a debt with Hunter Warfield that had not been validated yet, in the amount of $3,512 from an old apartment complex.

Instead of validating the debt with Hunter Warfield, and asking for a settlement from them she went to social media and just ignored the phone calls and the letters she received.

After she was contacted by the Lemberg Lawfirm, she was told she did not have to prove the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act violation. Just her say so was enough. After several communications with the law firm, she decided to contact Hunter Warfield herself.

After she spoke a a representative she was informed that she could settle the debt for almost half of what was owed without going to course over the debt. She told Hunter Warfield that a law firm contacted her about a social media post, and they wanted her to sue them for $1,000. Jane thought a lot about this and if she went through with the lawsuit she will still owe the debt with Hunter Warfield.

Hunter Warfield Collection Complaints how to stop calling me?

The Federal Debt Collection Practices Act provides you the consumer a legal way to stop any debt collection contact. Tenant Watch Dog always recommends trying to negotiate on debt collections that have been validated. However, you can simply mail (not email, text message or telephone call) a letter requesting Hunter Warfield to stop contact. We recommend to send the letter certified mail return receipt to have proof of the request. And do not forget to keep a copy of the letter. This is true of any debt collector not just Hunter Warfield.

Hunter Warfield Collection Complaints how to validate debt?

The FDCPA requires Hunter Warfield and other debt collectors to disclose your right to request debt validation within 5 days of first contact. Hunter Warfield also must disclose that validation request must be written and that debts are assumed valid if a validation letter is not received within 30 days. If you request debt validation, Hunter Warfield must verify your debt or stop collection activity.

Can I remove the entry from my credit report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows you the consumer to dispute inaccurate or out-dated information on your credit report. Any and all disputed information must be investigated and errors must be corrected or removed. It’s important to understand that the FCRA does not allow you to remove accurate information.

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