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2022 RD Fuller Collections Review
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2022 RD Fuller Collections Reviews.  You will find the most detailed consumer reviews for 2022 directly from consumers and the separate research from Tenant Watch Dog.  If you have dealt with debt collector in the past, please consider submitting your own review at the bottom of the page.

Rd Fuller Collections Review
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About RD Fuller Collections

RD Fuller Collections, also known as as RD Fuller Company, LLC is a third-party debt debt collection agency located in Denver, CO. They are a third-party Debt Collection Agency.

When making any arrangement with a debt collector it is very important to follow through with the settlement terms in order to keep your credit rating from getting a negative hit.

Recent Complaints About RD Fuller Collections

RD Fuller Collections has a few complaints based on pursuing payment for a debt not owed or already paid.  Understand that this debt collector is a very small company with less than 5 employees, which we will discuss in our review later in this article.

RD Fuller Collections Complaints

2022 Rd Fuller Collections Complaints

We did not find any legal cases filed against this Debt Collection Company.

Is RD Fuller Collections a Scam?

Although, RD Fuller Collections, also known as RD Fuller Company, LLC is a real debt collector the question of the debt collection agency being a scam depends of the consumers’ dealings with them.  As stated above this debt collection company is a third-party debt collector who buys debt.   They are not a scam.

RD Fuller Collections Review Phone Numbers

2022 Rd Fuller Collections Customer Service

Below you will find the most common telephone numbers used by this debt collector:

  • 702-457-3332
  • There was no other phone number or toll-free number found.

Debt Collections - Know Your Rights

The FDCPA or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  is the federal law which covers everyone in the United States. Every consumer is protected under the FDCPA, and the Act provides a list of what a debt collection agency can and should not do while collecting a debt, as well as other things they are required to do while collecting various debt types.

The very first thing to consider when contacted by any type of debt collection agency it is to never just ignore the correspondence.  Ignoring any correspondence from a debt collector does not make the debt disappear. 

2022 Rd Fuller Collections Review

Our 2022 RD Fuller Collections Review

RD Fuller Collections, also known as RD Fuller Company, LLC. is a third party debt collector based out of Colorado.  Based on the research completed by TenantWatchDog.org this RD Fuller Collections Review will provide details on their willingness to work with tenants that supposedly owe a balance with RD Fuller Collections.

We recommend being very careful if you’re having to deal with debt collectors.   According to public information they are a very small debt collector with only 3 employees.  Which is of some concern.

Source: Dun’s & Bradstreet

This Review has been thoroughly researched and verified from not only other consumers but various other sources to provide the best possible information that will help other consumers.

Settlement Available
Valid Debt



They Must Operate Out of Their GARAGE smh!
February 16, 2021

I received multiple call from RD Fuller and there were kids screaming in the background every time. Not to mention, they told me a different amount every time they called. After a lot of back and forth, I was able to get this debt cleared off my credit reports.

These people are insane!
January 10, 2021

I received a call from RD Fuller on an old apartment complex that I had paid 2 years ago through another debt collector. After months and months of sending in proof the bill was paid they finally stopped harrassing me!!!!!

Never Call You Back
March 1, 2020

Good luck getting a call back, they just don’t care as long as they get paid.

Took 4 Months to Get the Debt Validated
February 23, 2020

Finally got the debt validated after 4 months, reps are awful too.

They Just Hang Up On You
February 16, 2020

No matter which rep I get they just hangup once I start asking questions.

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