Tenant Watch Dog is here to protect tenants, either past or present from being taken advantage of financially from apartments and collectors. We offer resources to learn about your rights as a previous or current tenant. You will find reviews on  tenant debt collectors, resources and news for past and current tenants.

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Who is Tenant Watch Dog?

Tenant Watch Dog is ran by volunteers.  We are here to help consumers that are dealing with Debt Collectors due to alleged past apartment or multi-family residence debt.  All information provided by Tenant Watch Dog has been thoroughly researched internally from information collected from other consumers that have had dealings with the Debt Collectors listed on our site, by speaking directly with the Debt Collectors management, public information, and other areas. 

We do not recommend any products or services like most other websites which try to get consumers to purchase credit repair services or refer consumers to law firms.  We provide information to help consumers that is all.  

We recommend consumers view our debt collector reviews to give consumers information on what to expect when dealing with the Debt Collectors on our site.  We also encourage consumers to leave their own personal review of the debt collector in order to help other consumers in the process.

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Are you struggling with debt? If so, this Protect Your Credit Score from Debt Collectors article will help. You may be dealing with some not-so-pleasant debt collectors who are constantly trying to collect the money they say you owe. It’s a stressful and unpleasant situation that can affect your credit score if not handled properly.

Debt Collector Reviews by Real People

Most Debt Collector Reviews websites have a motive of promoting another product or service.  Here at Tenant Watch Dog we offer real Debt Collector Reviews from actual consumers to help other people dealing with the same debt collector with absolutely no motive whatsoever.

We pride ourselves in providing free resources to consumers to help educate the public about Debt Collectors and how to deal with them.