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Do you want to know what others are saying about Hunter Warfield? Look no further! Our Hunter Warfield reviews provides a comprehensive look into the experience of real consumers, with additional research from Tenant Watch Dog.

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Company Information

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About Hunter Warfield Inc.

Who is HWarfield?

Hunter Warfield is a debt collection agency located in Tampa Florida. Specializing in debt recovery for rental properties and commercial businesses.

When making any arrangement with a debt collector it is very important to follow through with the settlement terms in order to keep your credit rating from getting a negative hit.  If you receive any telephone calls from them it is an attempt to collect a debt or alleged debt.

The original creditor is normally a past apartment you may have rented in the past.  This is how apartment debt collectors receive your personal information.  

Hunter Warfield Reviews

Our 2024 Review

TenantWatchDog conducted research to find out if Hunter Warfield Inc., an Apartment Debt Collector based in Tampa Florida, is willing and able to work with tenants who allegedly owe them money.

After numerous calls and additional research it was determined that the customer service representatives are slightly above average for such companies, though some reviews may be influenced by opinions of apartment complex management rather than those of Hunter Warfield itself.

In this 2024 review you can also read about your Rights as a Consumer regarding any debts owed plus additional information on their address and contact details in the About section

Fact-Checked Information

Tenant Watch Dog has researched, and confirmed with management and consumers the truth behind common misconceptions regarding debt collection. Contrary to what may be reported elsewhere on the internet, they do not buy third-party debt – all debts are from their clients directly. As part of the Hunter Warfield reviews, providing the most accurate information is out top priority.

However consumers still have options for fixing past due payments:

A payment in full or discounted settlement/payment plan can both be requested; as well if it cannot accurately validated with a debt validation letter or is cancelled by either client of Hunter Warfield then this too counts towards removal from your credit report!

Hunter Warfield Buys Third-Party Debt FALSE

Hunter Warfield does not buy any debt, any and all debt is directly from their clients; i.e. multi-family housing (apartment complexes, condos etc.)

4 Ways to Remove Them from Your Credit Report TRUE

  1. A consumer satisfies the debt by payment in full, settling the debt by paying less than the amount owed (discounted settlement) or fulfilling a payment plan until the balance owed is completely satisfied.
  2. A Pay for Delete option, can be requested; although this is a popular term in the debt collection industry it’s not what its actually called.  This is a settlement discount, this is not offered automatically.  The consumer has to explicitly request it.  Upon approval from Hunter Warfield’s client the discounted settlement is honored in most occasions.
  3. The debt cannot be accurately validated.
  4. If the account is cancelled for any reason. It may be cancelled by apartment debt collector’s client or it may be cancelled by Apartment Debt Collector as a result of their recommendation to their client to stop pursuing a debt.

Tenant Watch Dog provides the information contained in this Apartment Debt Collector Review as a free informational service to help other consumers deal with getting their debt resolved easily. We are NOT affiliated with any Debt Collector Company in which we write reviews for nor do we promote affiliate offers as other "websites" do.

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Know Your Consumer Rights

Are you dealing with another debt collector? An important part of the Apartment Debt Collector Reviews on our site is to make sure consumers have the information they need.  Be aware that the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is in place to protect your rights!

This law prevents collectors from contacting you

  • At early or late hours
  • Continuing to call after being asked not-to
  • Harassing anyone involved with the debt and
  • Making false claims.

It is also required for them to validate any requested debts within 30 days of receiving notice – so ensure they are complying by brushing up on FDCPA regulations first.

When it comes time to interact with Hunter Warfield or other agencies like them: knowledge really IS power!

Hunter Warfield Reviews by Real Consumers
Indeed Hunter Warfield deserves 5-Stars!

I was anxious to contact Hunter Warfield to discuss an open collection account. I visited their site to I read that Hunter Warfield went through an internal “restructuring” to work on their systems and reputation. I additionally discovered that I could communicate with them via email. This was an extraordinary choice on the grounds that NO ONE needs to battle with a debt collector via telephone and get troublesome calls at badly designed times.In no less than 48-hours, I got an email response from the Collections Manager. She was unbelievably courteous and understood my circumstance. She assisted me arrange a sensible settlement with the Apartment Complex in only a brief weeks. She likewise helped eliminate the obligation from my credit reports, in the span of a month (despite the fact that she said it could require as long as 90-days)!!


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

We are glad to hear that your experience with Resident Interface was a pleasant one!

Helpful and Knowledgeable

Hunter Warfield Inc. is a pleasure to work with! Their customer service representatives are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful throughout the entire process of reaching a resolution for your outstanding debts or account balances owed. Highly recommended!

Mostly Positive Alot of Back and Forth Tho

My interactions with Hunter Warfield Inc were mostly positive – they were willing to negotiate a settlement offer that was lower than what I originally owed, however it took a lot of back and forth before we reached an agreement which caused some delays in getting paid off the debt entirely.

Great Settlement Offer I Could Afford

My experience with Hunter Warfield Inc has been extremely positive – they have an excellent customer service team that is both knowledgeable and kind throughout the entire debt resolution process! They also offered me an excellent settlement offer which helped me get out of debt faster than if I had just gone through traditional channels such as filing bankruptcy or taking out more loans/credit cards! Highly recommend!

Not the best experience but not the worst either

Hunter Warfield Inc. was not the best experience I’ve had in dealing with debt collectors, however they did make me an offer that was much less than what I initially owed and it allowed me to clear my debt fairly quickly.

Decent Offer

I recently received an offer from Hunter Warfield Inc., and after careful consideration I decided to accept the terms of their settlement agreement. I’m glad that I did since by doing so, it allowed me to avoid going through the hassle of being sued for past due debt collection.

It really was a wonderful experience

After lengthy negotiations, Hunter Warfield Inc. made me a generous settlement offer which was significantly lower than what I actually owed them! With their help, I was able to pay off my outstanding balance without having to take on additional loans or credit cards.. It was a wonderful experience overall!

Rep wasnt too interested in helping

The representative from Hunter Warfield Inc that I spoke with didn’t seem too interested in helping me out and just wanted to force me into accepting a settlement offer without looking for any other options or discussing any kind of payment plan first.

Very Helpful and On Budget

Hunter Warfield Inc.’s customer service was top notch. They were always courteous and willing to answer any questions I had. They offered creative solutions that worked within my budget while also ensuring that my debt obligations were taken care of in a timely manner.

Rep had no clue

Overall, working with Hunter Warfield Inc wasn’t the worst experience but it definitely wasn’t the best either; their customer service team didn’t seem very knowledgeable or eager to help and they weren’t always forthcoming with information about my accounts or offers made by them either.


My experience with Hunter Warfield Inc was average – the customer service team was friendly enough, but they weren’t always forthcoming with answers to my questions or able to provide timely updates on the status of my accounts.

Professional and Responsive

Working with Hunter Warfield Inc. was a great experience. They were very professional and responsive, providing me with all of the information I needed quickly and efficiently. The offer they proposed was fair and reasonable, and I’m glad that we were able to resolve my debt issue without having to go to court.

Customer Service Rep was a bit unorganized

Hunter Warfield Inc. was alright to work with but I felt like their customer service could have been more helpful. They seemed a bit unorganized at times and it took longer than expected for them to get back to me with answers to my questions.

Friendly Reps

Hunter Warfield’s reps were verry nice and extremely helpful during the entire process. I got my payment receipt within 48 hours which was a big plus.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

Thank you for your review on Hunter Warfield Inc., your review will help oither consumers we appreciate your comments.

Professional and Courteous

I cannot complain one bit. I never thought I would be giving a debt collector a decent review, it just sounds like an oxymoron if you think about it. But I will say that Hunter Warfield was nice and professional.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

Thank you for your review on Hunter Warfield Inc., your review will help oither consumers we appreciate your comments.

Fast Process Hapy with the End Result

I don’t know about anyone else but seeing a collection on your credit report is extremely stressful. Like other I Googled Hunter Warfield to what other consumers were saying about handling their past debt. Even with all the other websites, and srticles I found on the process there were a lot of terrible reviews which made me stress about the situation even more. Once I found this site it became clear that I could actually settle my debt with them. I used their self-service option on their website and was able to negotiate a settlement for less than what was owed. I made the payments and closed my account easily. Just so glad this is over.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

Thank you for your review on Hunter Warfield Inc., your review will help oither consumers we appreciate your comments.

Wrong Number

Even though Hunter Warfield had called a few times, I explained that they had the wrong contact information and the updated their records and didn’t call again.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

Thank you for your review on Hunter Warfield Inc., your review will help oither consumers we appreciate your comments.

No Phone Calls WTH

Look I am not going to lie, I have dealt with a lot and I mean a lot of debt collectors thru my life (long story). I contacted Hunter Warfield via email because I saw an entry on my credit report. I was able to get all the info I needed. I requested a call back to discuss a settlement, and the representative discussed all the details with me. I was able to get the amount reduced dramatically and after I paid the agreeement they removed the entry from my credit. Point is other debt collectors could talk advice on how to deal with consumers from HW.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

Thank you for your review on Hunter Warfield Inc., your review will help oither consumers we appreciate your comments.


I have dealt with various Debt Collectors in the past couple of years, and I never thought I would write a review but dealing with Hunter Warfield Inc was the easiest experience with a debt collector I have ever experienced.

Well thats over

What an actual cluster you know what. MY experience with Hunter Warfield was not negative in the least, it was more the apartment complex charging me money for a bunch of crap. Thankfully I took a video on my way out the door.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

Thank you for your review on Hunter Warfield Inc., your review will help oither consumers we appreciate your comments.

Pay for Delete Request Worked!!!

After reading several articles on this site about Hunter Warfield, I decided to give HW a call. I was extremely nervous. I have never dealt with a debt collector before. I was able to request a settlement offer. It took a couple weeks to get it accepted and completed but it actually worked. It took about 30 days to be removed from my credit report. So happy to have this fixed.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

Thank you for your review on Hunter Warfield Inc., your review will help oither consumers we appreciate your comments.

Previously Paid

Hunter Warfield was trying to collect a debt that was already paid. After sending the proof the balance was paid in full, they updated the file, and removed the entry from my credit report.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

Thank you for your review on Hunter Warfield Inc., your review will help oither consumers we appreciate your comments.

I don’t the negative reviews at all

Not sure why such bad reviews. My experience with Hunter Warfield and his representatives was very enjoyable. I have to admit I was worried about the reviews at first. However, I know that the different situations vary. I called and paid my bill in full when I had all the money and they even let me pay less than I owed. I received my confirmation letter within 24-48 hours as promised, digitally of course. I’m glad it’s over and the debt is paid.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

Thank you for your review on Hunter Warfield Inc., your review will help oither consumers we appreciate your comments.

Hunter Warfield Accepted Settlement Offer

I am so glad a came across this website from Reddit. I have been searching for information on how to Settle with Resident Interface and every website just wanted me to either, 1. Hire and attorney or 2. Buy some credit repair. After following the intructions on this site I was able to settle my debt with Hunter Warfield Inc. for 47% lower than what I owed originally. Super stoked to say the least.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

So glad our content has helped you!

Painless, Imagine THAT!

I searched on Google for reviews about Resident Interface, aka Hunter Warfield Inc. I just wanted to get a general idea of what to expect. One thing I would like to say is DO NOT believe Google reviews, they are BS. I found this site and learned more about Hunter Warfield than any other site. Useful information without a motive. I contacted them via email and was able to settle my debt for a lot lower than I expected. The reps were very understanding and extremely helpful.


Response from Tenant Watch Dog

We are so happy that you were able to get your debt taken care of.

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