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Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete Exact Steps to Success

The Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete option is a little know secret in getting Hunter Warfield off your credit report.
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Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete 2023

Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete

When dealing with Hunter Warfield debt collector, the most searched term is Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete. The fact of the matter is this term in itself does not exist, you cannot simply pay to delete an item from your credit report, however settling your account with Hunter Warfield can help consumers to get the entry off their credit report. Keep reading to get the details.

Consumers that have a debt with Hunter Warfield, that we have spoke to directly have confirmed that details below regarding the Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete.

Based on our internal research the Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete term can be done. Actually it is done automatically, even though this is not public knowledge and Hunter Warfield will not comment on this strategy publicly; the Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete happens because once your debt is paid in full they simply stop reporting to the credit bureaus.

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Is Hunter Warfield a Legitimate Company

Hunter Warfield is a legitimate company that provides revenue recovery services. Founded in 2002, Hunter Warfield has built a reputation for navigating difficult communications in a way that helps all parties win. The company offers innovative technology and respectful approach to ensure clients and consumers get the best results. Hunter Warfield has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2003 and currently holds an B rating. Additionally, reviews from consumers on our site are generally positive.

3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 88 reviews)
Very good37%

Hunter Warfield Contact Info

The best Hunter Warfield Phone Number to use is 844-790-7284. Although, this is not the main number on their website, the consumers that have left reviews on our site have had better luck with this Hunter Warfield Customer Service number than all the rest.

Consumers can use the Hunter Warfield Website to negotiate a pay to delete agreement without actually having to speak to a collection agent over the telephone. The entire process can ,be done online.

The Hunter Warfield Debt Collection agency has been very receptive to consumers that want to satisfy their past due debt. According to our research, they have been extremely helpful to consumers.

Three Steps for Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete

Hunter Warfield Pay For Delete 2023

There are numerous websites on the internet that will charge you to help you get a Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete, BUT do not pay anyone just keep reading to find out how to get Hunter Warfield off of your credit report simply and easily without any added expense.

Do You Need Everything in Writing?

Communicating with any Debt Collector not just Hunter Warfield is very important for all consumers. This will give you documentation or proof of the communication with the Debt Collection Company. It’s also very important to keep all written documentation from the Debt Collection Agency you receive just in case there is any issue in the future once your debt has been paid. We highly recommend using their website, this will give you documentation of any correspondence with Resident Interface.

Debt Validation

The next step in the Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete process is to send a debt validation letter to Hunter Warfield. It is possible that Debt collectors obtain inaccurate debt.

However, and important thing to consider about Hunter Warfield is they DO NOT buy debt at all. All the debt they collect comes directly from their clients.

The FDCPA gives you the right to verify if an alleged debt actually belongs to you. If it is proven through debt validation that the debt is not yours, by, the debt is dismissed, and you won’t have to pay the debt — and Hunter Warfield is required to remove any negative credit items from your credit report within 30 days.

Once Hunter Warfield makes initial contact, you do not ignore them. This can only make things worse. Once Hunter Warfield makes first contact with you, you only have 30 calendar days to send a debt validation letter. If you wait longer than that, they may not respond to you.

CFPB sample debt validation letters.

When you send a debt validation letter, make sure to request a return receipt. This will provide proof that Hunter Warfield has received your debt validation letter. You should hear back from Hunter Warfield within 30 days with documents and proof the debt is yours.

If Hunter Warfield can’t validate your debt, they are required by law, to contact all three major credit bureaus and remove the debt.

Negotiating a Settlement

The next step in attaining what most consumers call a Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete is to negotiate a settlement. Most of the consumers we hear from have stated you can easily do this from the Hunter Warfield Payment Portal, without speaking to customer service. This will give you the negotiated terms of the debt settlement or you can call . And request the settlement details in writing before making a payment. Another helpful article is the Can You Negotiate with Hunter Warfield Inc?

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FAQ’s About Hunter Warfield Inc.

How do I remove Hunter Warfield from my credit report?

In order to remove Hunter Warfield from your credit report, you must first contact the company and request that they delete the account. This can be done in writing by sending a letter or an email. It is important to note that Hunter Warfield may not be willing to delete the account unless you have already paid off the debt in full. If this is the case, you will need to provide proof of payment before they will take any action. You can also contact one of the major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion) and ask them to remove the listing from your report if you have successfully satisfied the debt with Hunter Warfield.

Do collection agencies accept pay for delete?

Some collection agencies may be open to negotiating a “pay for delete” agreement, meaning that you can pay off the debt in exchange for the agency deleting the negative note from your credit report. However, not all collection agencies will agree to this type of settlement, so it is important to check your specific situation before making any payment arrangements. If a pay-for-delete agreement is an option, make sure that everything is outlined in writing and that you receive a copy of the document before making any payments.

Will Hunter Warfield negotiate?

It is possible that Hunter Warfield may be willing to negotiate a pay-for-delete agreement with you. However, since this is not always the case, it is important to contact them directly and inquire about their policy on pay-for-delete agreements. If they are open to discussing this option with you, make sure that all of the terms are in writing so you can review them before making any payments.

Who does Hunter Warfield collect for?

Hunter Warfield is a debt collection agency that works with many creditors, including banks, healthcare providers, automotive lenders, apartments and more.

What is Hunter Warfield?

Hunter Warfield is a professional debt collection agency. They specialize in obtaining payment for delinquent accounts. Their services are tailored to each particular customer, and their team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals works directly with creditors to ensure that accounts are properly managed and accounts receivable balances remain in check. They offer debt management solutions such as payment plans, loan restructuring, settlement negotiations and more.

Where is Hunter Warfield?

Hunter Warfield is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and serves customers nationwide. They also have regional collections offices located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Texas.


A little known fact that no other sites talk about is that Hunter Warfield has a website that allows you to complete all of these steps for the Hunter Warfield Pay for Delete all online without having to receive calls from their collection agents. From debt validation to reaching a settlement offer.