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Tenant Resources: COVID

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Learn your rights during the Covid-19 Pandemic. So many people are suffering financially through these hard times. We will be discussing what resources are available for tenants.

Paying Rent During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you are able to pay your rent, pay your rent and get a receipt. If you have had job loss or sickness in your family that has caused your finances to take a hit, speak to your landlord as soon as possible. It is important to keep any financial papers that will back up your financial situation; such as an job layoff email, additional expenses during this time in case you need them.

The CARES Act – Renters Protection

The CARES Act blocks evictions of renters living in a single-family and multifamily properties with federally backed mortgages for 120 days after its enactment, whether or not the landlord receives forbearance. It also stops evictions of renters from federally backed multifamily properties whose landlords receive forbearance, effective for the duration of the forbearance, which is capped at 90 days.

For the rest of the renters, it is up to the tenant to speak directly to the landlord. However, remember if you do not pay your rent; you will still owe the rent. Bottom line is, continue to pay your rent if you are able to.

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