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Do you want to know what others are saying about Capstone Credit & Collections LLC? Look no further! Our Apartment Debt Collector reviews provides a comprehensive look into the experience of real consumers, with additional research from Tenant Watch Dog.

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2023 Capstone Credit &Amp; Collections Reviews
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About Capstone & Credit Collections.

Who is Capstone Credit Collections LLC?

Capstone Credit & Collections, LLC. is a third-party apartment debt collector, their business located in Lutz, Florida. Specializing in debt recovery for rental properties and commercial businesses.  This apartment debt collector has a reputation of not responding to complaints, reviews or communication with consumers.

When making any arrangement with a debt collector it is very important to follow through with the settlement terms in order to keep your credit rating from getting a negative hit.

Capstone Credit &Amp; Collections Reviews

Our 2024 Capstone Credit & Collections Reviews

TenantWatchDog conducted research to find out if Capstone Credit & Collections, LLC., a debt collector based in Florida, is willing and able to work with tenants who owe them money. After numerous calls and additional research it was determined that the customer service representatives are are below average for such companies.  It has also been determined that Capstone Credit & Collections LLC Reviews is known for aggressive behavior than normally leads to harassment.

Not much has changed when it comes to their reputation as one of the worst debt collectors to deal with.  They have been sued multiple times including threatening to take actions that cannot legally be taken and attempting to collect debts not owed.

In this 2024 review you can also read about your Rights as a Consumer regarding any debts owed plus additional information on their address and contact details in the About section!

Capstone Credit & Collections Fact-Checked Information

Tenant Watch Dog has researched, and confirmed by speaking to real consumers that have dealt with Capstone Credit & Collections in the past that Capstone Credit & Collections, LLC is known to attempt to collect a debt that is not owed, and specifically are not helpful when validating a consumers alledged debt.

Capstone Credit & Collections LLC Buys Third-Party Debt TRUE

Capstone Credit & Collections does buy debt for pennies on the dollar, and they also have clientele. i.e. multi-family housing (apartment complexes, condos etc.)

4 Ways to Remove Capstone Credit & Collections from Your Credit Report TRUE

Although the normal steps below are used to remove a debt collection entry from your credit reports; a willingness from a debt collector like Capstone Credit & Collections is very small based on other consumer that have been through the process.

  1. A consumer satisfies the debt by payment in full, settling the debt by paying less than the amount owed (discounted settlement) or fulfilling a payment plan until the balance owed is completely satisfied.
  2. A Pay for Delete option, can be requested.  This is a settlement discount, this is not offered automatically.  The consumer has to explicitly request it.  If Capstone Credit & Collections approves the settlement, getting Capstone Credit & Collections to honor the agreement is another story all together.
  3. The debt cannot be accurately validated.  This can happen if a consumer sends a debt validation letter to Capstone Credit & Collections and either receives no response or a consumer  can prove that they do not owe the debt.
  4. If the account is cancelled for any reason. It may be cancelled by Capstone Credit & Collections’s client or it may be cancelled by Capstone Credit & Collections as a result of validation issues altogether.

Tenant Watch Dog provides the information contained in this 2023 Capstone Credit & Collections Review as a free informational service to help other consumers deal with getting their debt resolved easily. We are NOT affiliated with any Debt Collector Company in which we write reviews for nor do we promote affiliate offers as other "websites" do.

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Know Your Consumer Rights

Are you dealing with another debt collector? An important part of the Capstone Credit &Collections Reviews on our site is to make sure consumers have the information they need.  Be aware that the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is in place to protect your rights!

This law prevents collectors from contacting you

  • At early or late hours
  • Continuing to call after being asked not-to
  • Harassing anyone involved with the debt and
  • Making false claims.

It is also required for them to validate any requested debts within 30 days of receiving notice – so ensure they are complying by brushing up on FDCPA regulations first.

When it comes time to interactions with Capstone Credit & Collections LLC or other agencies like them: knowledge really IS power!

Capstone Credit & Collections Reviews by Real Consumers
Not My Debt

These people are horrible, I mean I sent information to them that I was in another country in the military and they still agressively trying to get me to pay. They need to be shut down. Reps are rude and disrespectful!

disgusted by their bad practices

Capstone Credit and Collections, LLC claims that I owe money, but I have no recollection of doing business with them. I asked for proof of the alleged debt and a contract with my signature, but they failed to provide that. They’re now reporting on my credit report that I owe them money when I have never worked with them. This is unacceptable and possibly illegal. Capstone Credit and Collections LLC purchased a debt from another company, and they have been sending me correspondence without providing any evidence. I’m disgusted by their bad practices and demand that they stop harassing me for money that I never authorized.

Refuse to Validate

This collection agency is engaging in terrible practices. Despite my requests, they won’t validate the debt or provide information, and instead chose to insult me before hanging up. The originators of the debt have no records indicating I owe money, and the source of the debt can’t even verify it. Meanwhile, the collection agency keeps ignoring me. Don’t fall for their misleading claims, and make sure to report such an unreasonable agency.

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