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2022 Rent Recovery Solutions Reviews
Known to Threaten Consumers

2022 Rent Recovery Solutions Reviews.  You will find the most detailed consumer reviews for 2022 directly from consumers and the separate research from Tenant Watch Dog.  If you have dealt with Rent Recovery Solutions in the past, please consider submitting your own Rent Recovery Solutions Review at the bottom of the page.

Rent Recovery Solutions Review
2022 Rent Recovery Solutions Reviews
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About Rent Recovery Solutions

Rent Recovery Solutions also known as as RRS is a third-party debt debt collection agency located in Atlanta, Georgia. A third-party Debt Collection Agency.

When making any arrangement with a debt collector it is very important to follow through with the settlement terms in order to keep your credit rating from getting a negative hit.

Recent Complaints About Rent Recovery Solutions

2022 Rent Recovery Solutions Complaints

According to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) Rent Recovery Solutions LLC’s highest complaints is Attempt to Collect a Debt Not Owed at close to 50% complaints filed in the last ten years.

We can clearly see from the data that there is a big problem false misrepresentation , with over 23% of complaints from the CFPB.

Not to mention the amount of incorrect information on the consumers credit report. These are just from people that issued a complaint.

Rent Recovery Solutions Lawsuits

2021 Rent Recovery Solutions Reviews

As part of our 2022 Rent Recovery Solutions Reviews,  we found 80+ Rent Recovery Solutions Lawsuits from 2017 to present.  A search for the agency at CFPB shows a total of 30 complaints  will display over approximately 140 lawsuits filed in the United States., most of these commonly implicate violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Is Rent Recovery Solutions a Scam?

Although, Rent Recovery Solutions, also known as RRS Collections is a real debt collector the question of the debt collection agency being a scam depends of the consumers’ dealings with them.  As stated above Rent Recovery Solutions is a third-party debt collector who buys debt.  They are known for deceptive practices, a simple Google search can reveal numerous results for complaints.  They are not a scam.

Rent Recovery Solutions Review Phone Numbers

2022 Rent Recovery Solutions Customer Service

Below you will find the most common telephone numbers used by Rent Recovery Solutions:

  • 800-335-0119
  • 866-949-1379
  • 678-819-4750
  • 678-819-4039
  • 678-819-4047
  • 678-819-4040
  • 678-819-9407

Debt Collections - Know Your Rights

The FDCPA or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  is the federal law which covers everyone in the United States. Every consumer is protected under the FDCPA, and the Act provides a list of what a debt collection agency can and should not do while collecting a debt, as well as other things they are required to do while collecting various debt types.

The very first thing to consider when contacted by any type of debt collection agency, whether it is Rent Recovery Solutions or others is to never just ignore the correspondence.  Ignoring any correspondence from a debt collector does not make the debt disappear. 

2022 Rent Recovery Solutions Review
Rent Recovery Solutions Review

Our Rent Recovery Solutions Review

Rent Recovery Solutions, also known as Fair RRS Collections is a third party debt collector based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  Based on the research completed by TenantWatchDog.org this 2022 Rent Recovery Solutions Review will provide details on their willingness to work with tenants that supposedly owe a balance with Rent Recovery Solutions.

We recommend being very careful if you’re having to deal with Rent Recovery Solutions.  They are known to be very threatening and deceptive.

This 2022 Rent Recovery Solutions Review has been thoroughly researched and verified from not only other consumers but various other sources to provide the best possible information that will help other consumers.

Settlement Available
Valid Debt



Consumer Beware they want your money even if its not your debt

November 28, 2021

Money Hungry and illegal practices. I’ve never been contacted Rent Recovery Solutions LLC but they reported me to the credit bureaus for nonpayment of an account I do not own. I have never rented any apartments due to being active duty military and I most certainly my have never co-signed for one.


Zero Stars if I could

November 13, 2021

These idiots are calling family members, and my job I have repeatedly told them the debt is not mine, Ive sent a debt validation letter that they have not responded to. During the time of this so called debt I was in the UK. This is not my debt. PERIOD!


Good Luck on Any Settlement

June 23, 2021

I called Rent Recovery Solutions LLC to negotiate an old apartment debt they gave me a decent offer I told them I could not pay it for 60 days due to finances. The rep said that would be fine. I called back 47 days later and was told I had to pay the full amount. I was met with rude and unprofessional people when I asked to speak to a supervisor. I have been hung up on multiple times and stil;l trying to get a hold of a super visor.


Rude Horrible Customer Service

May 2, 2021

The reps will hang up right in your face if you do not agree to pay right there on the spot. I keep calling back hoping to get a decent rep to negotiate a settlement. Ya right they SUCK!!


Overcharged my account not once but two time!

February 2, 2021

I paid my account off in full and they say they lost my payment and opened a new collection account. Every time I call and try to speak to a supervisor, but shes always “in a meeting”. I have left numerous requests for a call back and get nothing in return. I sent proof that the ACH was deducted from my account, they still will not close the account. Not to mention the reps always have an attitude and are the worst.

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