Tenant Debt Settlement Facts

Hunter Warefield Debt Settlement

Some people find that after moving out of and apartment or residential rental building they end up owing a past balance. This can be a stressful situations depending on the amount that is owed for this type of debt.

Tenant Resources: Dealing with a Debt Collector


When you’re dealing with debt, one of the most stressful things can be the constant harassment from debt collectors via phone calls and letters. Fortunately, you do have some rights and protection as you deal with them. Debt collectors are required to follow certain guidelines as they attempt to collect outstanding debts. They are set […]

Hunter Warfield Collection Complaints?

Hunter Warfield Complaints

Hunter Warfield Collection Complaints? Hunter Warfield is a debt collection agency. It usually is hired by companies to collect delinquent debt. A debt collector cannot harass you, deceive you, or treat you unfairly. If they do, the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act is there to protect you the consumer. Are you being harassed or Your […]

Tenant Resources: COVID

Tenant Resources Covid

Learn your rights during the Covid-19 Pandemic. So many people are suffering financially through these hard times. We will be discussing what resources are available for tenants. Paying Rent During the Covid-19 Pandemic If you are able to pay your rent, pay your rent and get a receipt. If you have had job loss or […]